About Us

We are F.R.O.G., F.R.O.G. stands for First Robotics Organization of Grove. We work at the G.L.A.R.E building. G.L.A.R.E. stands for Grand Lake Area of Robotics Education. We have been an organization for three years. Our first year in the FRC Competition, F.R.O.G.  Participated  in the Oklahoma City regionals, we took home the Rookie All-Star Award. From there F.R.O.G. was invited to the International Competition in Atlanta, Georgia. This past year in competition, we took first place in the Oklahoma City Regional Competition. F.R.O.G. went to International Competition for the second year in a row, this time in St. Louis, MO.  F.R.O.G. started summer projects after last year’s competition, beginning with an open house that was at the beginning of the summer. The open house was an opportunity for F.R.O.G. to educate the community about the program by demonstrating with the competition robot, how last years game worked, C.A.D. and Lab View demonstrations as well as a tour of the G.L.A.R.E. facility. As a result of the open house, we were able to recruit many new members to our program. After we introduced our new members to the team, we started our summer projects. First was preparing for Grovefest which included making spinner necklaces in Malone’s CNC Machine shop. Doing this taught us valuable skills of the machine shop such as water jet, shop safety, laser engraving, painting, and cooperation. Grovefest was a success in showing our community our program. After that we focused on basic training and showcased at Pelicanfest which was a repeat of Grovefest. And most recently F.R.O.G. gave a presentation to the Grove Rotary Club. This presentation was an opportunity to promote F.I.R.S.T, and F.R.O.G. to the Grove community.




Team Photo at the Summit

(Present Team members in order left to right. )

Row 1: Kaylee Johnson, Kelly Keith, Davis Thomas

Row 2: Larissa Kitch, Dalton Hilton, David Cole, Gideon Carper, Will Burk, Cyrus Crane, Cory Moser, Joseph Malone, C.J. Boone, Taylor Lupardus

Row 3: Chelsea Wilkins, Willie Johnson, Karson Thomas, Morgan Olson, Kyle Linnastruth